Hiking Bavarian Forest

Hiking in one of the most beautiful mountains in Germany

As the largest contiguous forest reserve in Central Europe and with its immediate border with the Czech Republic, the Bavarian Forest is known above all for its boundless natural landscape. With its forest and moors, countless streams and rivers, former high pastures and incredibly rich flora and fauna, the mountains are among the most beautiful hiking areas in Germany No less than two nature parks, moreover the oldest national park in Germany, are part of the region and offer with more than 130 mountain peaks, wild forest, fascinating gorges many hikes for an unforgettable vacation. Here it is possible to hike extensively and the heart of every hiker beats faster.

Come and enjoy true nature and be inspired by the beauty of the Bavarian Forest!

Arberland and Bavarian Forest

The Arberland and the Bavarian Forest have long been more than an insider tip among hiking enthusiasts. Few areas offer as many idyllic hiking trails, beautiful rest areas and vantage points as the vacation region around Bodenmais. Numerous circular tours, walking trails, cultural and nature trails invite you to explore and discover and make the region a versatile experience.

Quality Trail Hiking Deutschland

In 2007, the Goldsteig in the Bavarian Forest was awarded the title „Quality Trail Hiking Germany“. At around 660 kilometers, it is considered the longest certified long-distance hiking trail in Germany and runs in three sections between Marktredwitz and Passau. Also known as the „green roof of Europe“, the largest contiguous forest landscape between the Atlantic and the Urals, it leads high above the Upper Palatinate Forest, through five nature parks, on through the Bavarian Forest National Park and on the Czech side through the Šumava National Park.

The trail is divided into a more moderate route in the south – suitable for leisure hikers – and a route in the north – suitable for more ambitious hikers – and awaits you in each place with unique views and botanical features, as well as with exciting cultural and historical events.

Probably the most beautiful geotope in Bavaria and thus the heart of the hiking trail is the core area of the Bavarian Forest National Park. Here in the border triangle, in the immediate vicinity of the three-river city of Passau, the vast landscapes of the Danube valley and the Mühlviertel region stretch our and reward you with dreamlike views into the distance in the course of medium to difficult stages.

Increasingly easier hikes are available for those who choose the southern variant of the Goldsteig. On this section, the Bavarian Forest shows its sunny side and welcomes its visitors with an alternation of wonderful meadow paths and shady forest paths, far-reaching views and a rich vegetation in the plant and animal world.

Family hiking: Baby carriage tour Schwellhäusl

Ideal for the whole family: A leisurely hike from the Bayerisch Eisenstein Hiking Park via the Schwellhäusl to the „Haus zur Wildnis“ in the Bavarian Forest National Park. The hiking trail is easily passable all year round, even with a stroller. Just as much of an experience: the return trip with the forest railroad to Bayerisch Eisenstein.

Our tip: The „ant trail” – the new children’s hiking trail in Bodenmais: pine cone long throws, tree disc climbing, learning boards and much more. You can also get more information at our reception desk!

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