Wellness- und Wohlfühlhotel Waldeck
Carmen Geiger-Brückl

Arberseestraße 37-39
D-94249 Bodenmais

Phone: +49 (0) 9924 9403 0
Fax: +49 (0) 9924 9403 30

E-mail: mail@waldeck-bodenmais.de

Sales tax identification number according to § 27 a Umsatzsteuergesetz:

Responsible for content according to § 55 Abs.2 RStV.:
Carmen Geiger-Brückl (address as above).

Competent supervisory authority:
Trade office of the district in Regen

Additional information according to DL-Info V:
Public liability insurance with:
Königinstraße 28, 80802 Munich

Area of validity of the public liability insurance: Federal Republic of Germany

Applicable law: Law of the Federal Republic of Germany

Place of jurisdiction among merchants and legal persons under public law: 94234 Viechtach

Out-of-court dispute resolution procedures:
The arbitration board for commercial disputes.
Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Lower Bavaria in Passau
Nibelungenstraße 15
94032 Passau
can conduct a mediation procedure in the event of disputes between companies and clients.

Prices for our services include the applicable statutory value-added tax. The prices can be viewed on our website www.waldeck-bodenmais.de as well as in printed form in our hotel. Prices for individual services cannot be fixed in advance. Upon request, our clients will receive a detailed quotation, the details of which will be explained to the recipient of the service.

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