Special massages Bavarian Forest Bodenmais

Experience a relaxation trip in Hawaii or Asia during a visit to the Bavarian Forest. The special massages of our Bavarian Forest wellness hotel release blockages and tension and have a holistic effect on body, mind and soul. Escape the stress of everyday life, recharge your batteries and enjoy complete deep relaxation, regeneration and tranquility in the Bavarian Forest.

This holistic massage has an equal effect on body and soul. Stress, tension and anxiety are relieved. It is an excellent way to release blockages and strengthen the energy flow on the body. Accompanied by Hawaiian melodies and coconut oil, it takes us on a short vacation to the South Seas.

85 minutes per person           99,00 €

This massage is extremely beneficial, relaxing and has a holistic effect on several levels. The immune system and the body’s self-healing powers are stimulated, the skin and tissues experience vitalization and an increase in circulation.
55 minutes per person           72,00 €

The sound of the singing bowls touches our innermost being and makes the soul vibrate. The sound releases tension, mobilizes self-healing powers and releases creative energies.
55 minutes per person           69,00 €