Relaxing massages in the Bavarian Forest wellness hotel

Treat yourself to little break and recharge your batteries! The feel-good and relaxing massages at our Bavarian Forest wellness hotel awaken all the senses and provide holistic relaxation for body, mind and soul. Allow yourself some time our, leave the stress of everyday life behind, feel peace and harmony with our feel-good and relax massages at the Bavarian Forest wellness hotel. .

Massage with hot basalt stones. Massage with heated stones loosens muscles and tensions, promotes blood circulation and heat turnover of the body. In addition, it improves tissue metabolism and helps to remove waste products.
25 minutes per person (back massage)       36,00 €
50 minutes per person (Full body massage) 65,00 €

The relaxing massage with cocoa and shea butter causes a silky soft skin, which is optimally supplied with moisture and important nutrients. The scent of chocolate releases endorphins. A real treat for all sweet tooths!
25 minutes per person (back massage)       36,00 €
50 minutes per person (Full body massage) 64,00 €

The fragrant scrub has a moisturizing and smoothing efffect. Sugar crystals cleanse and activate the skin. At the same time, the natural ingredients five a new skin feeling.
25 minutes per person           33,00 €

Honey massage involves massaging large area reflections and energy pathways with warm honey. The massage has a detoxifying and balancing effect on the whole organism.
25 minutes per person           36,00 €

Anti-cellulite bandage wraps activate connective tissue and improve skin contour. Seaweed extract and sea minerals ensure an even complexion. Even more effective: bppk a foot and leg massage afterwards. (25 minutes for 29,00 €)
40 minutes per person           55,00 €

Unique full body massage in connection with vibrating energies of the tree of life has harmonizing effect on body, mind and soul and promotes your personal grounding. As a gibt you will receive the CD with the symphony of your tree of life.
85 minutes per person           99,00 €

With lemon oil aroma, the full body massage stimulates blood circulation.
35 minutes per person           39,00 €


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