Massage packs in the Bavarian Forest wellness hotel

Experience the pleasant feeling of weightlessness and enjoy the pleasant warmth in the soft pack lounger at our Bavarian Forest wellness hotel. The body packs provide relaxation, promote blood circulation and purification of the skin, tighten the tissue, improve chronic conditions and help with dry skin, neurodermatitis and psoriasis. Float and relax in our soft pack lounger – try it out in the Wellness hotel Bavarian Forest.

This body wrap has a balancing and relaxing effect on delicate skin.
25 minutes per person            31,00 €

The skin is very well cared for. This body pack is well suited for problem skin
25 minutes per person            31,00 €

Has a purifying, detoxifying, metabolism-stimulating and cramp-relieving effect. Also symptom relieving for rheumatic complaints and gastrointestinal disorders
40 minutes per person            39,00 €

For tissue tightening and purification against cellulite
40 minutes per person            43,00 €

For velvety soft skin
25 minutes per person            31,00 €

Strengthens the nerves, calms and helps relieve tension
25 minutes per person            31,00 €

With brush massage followed by body oiling. The effect of healing clay is due to the content of iron, aluminium, line, magnesium and sodium. Applied externally, it has a pH balancing, mineralizing, detoxifying and purifying effect, as well as stimulating the metabolism.
55 minutes per person        55,00 €

Has a relaxing effect and nourishes the skin. Good for atopic dermatitis and dry skin.
35 minutes per person        39,00 €


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