Classic Massages in the Bavarian Forest wellness hotel

Classical massage therapy is the world’s best-known form of massage, the oldest healing art on earth and the basic of massage. Its. Numerous positive effects have long been proven and medically recognized. It is beneficial, promotes deep relaxation and reduces stress.

Classic massages have an enormously positive effect on body and soul. Tension and blockages are released, muscles are loosened and decramped and blood circulation is stimulated. Classic massages help with depressive moods, sleep disorders and anxiety. During the treatment, endorphins, also known as happy hormones, are produces more. This reduces stress, strengthens the immune system and promotes the body’s self-healing powers.

Our Classic Massages
Aroma oil full body massage with scented oils
50 Min.  61,00 €
Aroma oil back massage
25 Min.  34,00 €
Back massage
25 Min.  33,00 €
Neck-shoulder massage
25 Min.  33,00 €
Full body massage
50 Min.  59,00 €
Brush massage with body oiling
40 Min.  49,00 €
Foot massage
25 Min.  29,00 €
Foot zone massage
40 Min.  49,00 €
Wellness massage „Scent experience“
25 Min.  34,00 €


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