Bicycle tours Bavarian Forest Bodenmais

Boundless cycling Bavarian Forest

From the Wellnesshotel Waldeck Bavarian Forest Bodenmais you can literally cycle without limits. Well-signposted bike tours lead through the Bavarian Forest region, from leisurely river bike paths to comfortable round trips, moderare long-distance bike paths to tours along former railroad roads, past old castles, palaces and monasteries, offer relaxed cycling fun for every requirement.

A total of more than 200 km of marked bike trails lead through the Bavarian Forest National Park and connect it with the Šumava National Park on the Czech side. Due to the different altitudes, the Czech national park is considered a mountain biker’s paradise. However, most of the routes are also rideable for everyone with a good touring bike and a bit of fitness.

Mountain biking Bavarian Forest

Lots of fun awaits mountain bikers in the Bavarian Forest National Park and Bodenmais. Challenging tours lead you uphill and downhill through nature. But also beginners will find their joy in mountain biking in the nature Bavarian Forest. For more information and tours just contact us. We will gladly advise you.

Our tip:
At the intersections between cycling and hiking trails there are bicycle parking places where you can safely lock your bikes. This way, your bike tour can always be combined with a short hike through the Bavarian Forest Nature Park! And it’s really with it, because you really only discover the most beautiful and enchanting corners when hiking in the Bavarian Forest region.

E-Bike ride Bavarian Forest

The Bavarian Forest region is now one of the largest e-bike regions in Europe. Without any effort, the long and beautiful bike routes of the Bavarian Forest Nature Park can be explored with an e-bike. This makes cycling much easier and even inexperiences vacation guests experience pure cycling fun thanks to the e-bike. Suggested routes for beautiful e-bike tours through the Bavarian Forest Nature Park and e-bike rental stations are available from us at the reception in the Wellness Hotel Bodenmais.


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