Ayurveda massages in the Bavarian Forest

Ayurveda, „the science of long and healthy life“, is a holistic, millennia-old Indian health and life teaching. Ayurveda is prevention and healing and shows us how to maintain our health, energy and zest for life into old age. Ayurvedic massage is gentle. Well-being, harmony and energy flow are in the foreground. It is also called the „queen of massages“. If you are looking for deep, holistic relaxation and want to do something food for your body, mind and soul, an Ayurvedic massage in the Bavarian Forest is just right for you. This way you will experience the unique nature of the Bavarian Forest and the ancient Indian healing practice.

With us in the Bavarian Forest you have the opportunity to rediscover yourself and feel light and balanced. During an Ayurvedic oil massage, warm oil and sensitive touch will rejuvenate and balance your body.

Full body massage with warm Ayurvedic sesame oil incl. small forehead oil indulgence. Eliminates fatique, exhaustion and nervousness. Invigorates the sense and relieves tension, stimulates the immune system and promotes cell regeneration.
85 minutes per person            99,00 €

Ayurvedic face, head and décolleté massage with special oils and ingredients, including small forehead oil pouring, peeling and special finishing care. Serves for relaxation, skin care and calming. Clears the head.
70 minutes per person            79,00 €

Energy balancing and harmonizing full body massage with silk gloves, A classic Ayurvedic treatment to stimulate the fat metabolism. Optimal as a supporting measure for weight reduction and purification. Strengthens and polishes the skin, tightens the connective tissue and prevents cellulite. Resting time included.
55 minutes per person            63,00 €

Very nourishing and nurturing Ayurvedic massage of the feet and calves, incl. Himalayan salt peeling, Has a calming, relaxing effect and stimulates blood circulation.
50 minutes per person            58,00 €


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