Golf at the Bavarian Forest

Golfplatz des Hotels Waldeck in Bodenmais

Bodenmais, the holiday resort number one at the Bavarian Forest, is a real golf paradies.

There are 14 renowned golf clubs with scenically beautiful golf courses which are waiting to be discovered by you at holiday region Bavarian Forest. Five greens are in the direct vicinity of Bodenmais. The right thing for every taste and golfers of all levels. The wonderful golf courses will set hearts of every golfer racing. 

Throughout the whole season there are a lot of trial courses, in which you can learn basic knowledge of golf and your first golf swing under professional guidance. The offer is extensive: from private lessons to intensive training, up to lessons for your handicap test.

Golf as a family sport

Fun, sporting ambition and exercise in nature: Especially on vacation golf is a welcome change also for children. And the Bavarian Forest is ideal for those who just want to have a go. Fairplay and having fun are the main goals, while your children learn the most important rules of golf additionally.

Golfen im Hotel Waldeck

Golf a healthy sport

Golf is not only fun, but also energizes body and mind and has many positive effects for your health. Golf is sports right in the heart of nature and trains heart and circulation in an especially gentle manner. More than 100 muscles are in use whilst playing golf, better than any other sport, which affects the fat combustion, leads to muscle building and strengthens the tendons and ligaments. Furthermore the golf play requires high concentration, mental strength and awareness, that clears your head for new challenges, reduces stress and is a great excercise for our brain. Besides blood circulation, oxygenation and performance increase.

Golf is aimed at all ages, whether athletic or untrained.


Beginners can try to hit their first tee on our 9-hole golf course at Bodenmais or at the driving range Mooshof!

The golf course at national park Bavarian Forest is unique and also well worth a visit. There you can experience that golf and nature conservation are possible simultaneously. Thanks to protection zones, which were established for flora and fauna, various wild animals and birds are living on the course. Courses and holes of the 18-hole golf course have corresponding names like „Bärenloch” or “Fuchsbahn”. Enjoy stress-free golf and the great view to the lovely landscape of the Bavarian Forest. 

Golf courses in the area

Golf-Club Furth im Wald e.V.
Voithenberg 3
93437 Furth im Wald

Golfclub Sonnenhof
Himmelreich 13
93462 Lam 

Golfpark Oberzwieselau
Golfpark 1
94227 Lindberg 

Deggendorfer Golfclub
Rusel 111
94571 Schaufling 

Golfclub am Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald e.V.
Haslach 43
94568 St. Oswald